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(2020) Nowhere Special is my 2nd full length (15 songs), studio album. CD, delivered in 4 panel digipak format.

Edwina (4:04)

Strangest Kid In Town (4:05)

Crucified By Fever (3:47)

Paper Plane (4:04)

Crows (5:06)

The Fire (3:48)

This Is Forever (3:29)

Complex Mind (6:35)

Makayla (4:19)

My Valentine (3:46)

Straw Girl (4:09)

Denial (3:49)

Down (3:41)

Mission Street (without you here) (3:09) 

Jesus (4:23)


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©2020 Roy Shiels

Roy Shiels (2020) Nowhere Special (full length, album)

SKU: 0719452221030
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